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songwriter-surveyA few weeks ago I put a survey out to get some insight into the makeup of our songwriter community.  I’ve been sharing the results.  In this post, we will look at the final 2 questions, number 5 & 6.  As I did in part 1 and part 2, I will share the results unedited.

Question 5 – If you could have one question answered in regards to songwriting, what would it be?

A you can see, only about half of the participants answered



Here are the responses:

  • How does one make a song sound good/professional without spending thousands of dollars?
  • How do you come up with catchy hooks?
  • How to transform inspiration into meaningful words to a melody. I can wite ut can’t put music to what i write. When I ompose muic, i have troul putting the words to the beat
  • should a songwriter be part of a type of union like EMI?
  • who do I push my songs to on a limited budget and how
  • Not sure.
  • How can I market or sell my songs?
  • How to not unintentionally and subconsciously “steal” the melody or lyrics of an existing song.
  • na
  • I would like to have my song evaluated by someone(s) in the christian music industry
  • Things dealing with ‘after’ the song is written.
  • We need all the help we can get. Are you going to really listen to us and give solid advice??
  • What is the best approach for building a melody and sructure of the song.
  • How do you get out of the habit of always rhyming your lines?
  • What can I do to help me staying motivated?
  • I feel comfortable writing basic G, C, D songs – but how do I break out of that mold and write songs that are more interesting, creative, and fun?
  • How can I sell a song?
  • How do you create something new and unique, something different than everything else out there?
  • Would songs exposing evil be considered Christian songs, even though some who consider themselves good Christians may not approve of some of the lyrics?
  • Where are you, on your project sight?
  • How do I get a song in the right hands?
  • How do I make time to do it?
  • How and where to send songs for others to sing and record

Question 6 – What other features suggestions do you have for

Again, about half of the participants answered the 6th and final question.  There were some extensive responses as well.


Here are the responses:

  • I can’t think of any at this time.
  • I think when we post songs we should say more about the process of how we wrote in order to share ideas for writing
  • Truth is, I was with you from the beginning but haven’t participated in your songwriting challenges in a while. I guess I would love to see some networking resources. Maybe some tips/ very brief pointers on writing, vocal technique, guitar technique, recording tips corner and info on the Contemporary Christian songmarket. Maybe a prayer corner. Maybe a trading/market section for members selling, buying used gear. Maybe a gear review. I know I threw a lot out there, I guess what I would like to see is a Christian based site with a variety of resources. I am not saying it has to be elaborate or an all out everything you want, but just a simple/basic site for christian songwriters. A songwriters Gumbo, so to speak. Also want to add that I enjoy what you already do very much! I just haven’t done it lately for other reasons.
  • I feel a song critique and feedback on originals songs would be instructive.
  • I an new to, I am a bit confused about what to do if you just want to share some of your songs and get feedback.
  • Keep up the good work and thanks!
  • Comment on every song and singer, the singing can be bad but the music good, but the thing is, is the words God uses to touch people Dont get caught up with the performance Focus on the words we must encourage every singer not just the ones we think fits our standards God loves them all Some get lots of comments and likes some hardly get any that is very disappointing and not right
  • I rarely stop by because it doesn’t seem updated. The front page has several months’ worth of song challenges, which doesn’t seem relevant. The “Popular Posts” section has posts from ’11 and ’12, which makes me think the site isn’t kept up. Maybe you could link your twitter feed instead, just to keep it a little more current.
  • A written outline of the steps to take once you have a christian song that you think is good enough for developing with music, recording, getting someone to find someone to record and produce it, market it. All the details that you need to know so you won’t waste time and money.
  • I would think that the members are all at an individual level of knowledge (playing music and also putting it on paper) so try to accommodate all levels.
  • I think we all want solid feedback. Not just a ‘like’ and a ‘good job.’ Talk about arrangement, color, fit, theme, length, over all potential, possible fixes.
  • Some sort of scripture translation Thesaurus type thing if such a thing exists.
  • Tips on putting together a Christian band would be good. Also how to write good worship songs, experiential songs and evangelical stuff. I struggle with this.
  • If you’re considering making some things available on a fee basis, please don’t make the group useless for those who only participate in the free stuff. I wish I could tell you what would be worth paying for in my book but the reality is right now I don’t have disposable income to pay for extras anyway. That may change. I think it could be effective for you to keep doing the monthly challenges and let people give each other feedback – then offer some more advanced things on a fee/subscription basis.
  • One of my favorite sites is Guitar for Beginners and Beyond. You could borrow from some of what they do, as far as forums and such, but tailor it to fit the Christian theme.
  • Nothing, you’re doing a great job, keep it up! 🙂
  • This one is a follow-up on number 5. At this time my song writing consists primarily of NON PC songs that make fun of Muslims, particularly violent jihadist arselifter supremacists; the a-word being operative as I generally call these songs “Arselifter Tunes”….And, as you might guess, Terry Jones is my favorite Baptist preacher…not afraid of a fight!…
  • I have saved your emails in a folder but not spent much time with them yet. I applaud your work. I am experienced with adjusting material into today’s inclusive language, using words like person or individual instead of man, or realm instead of kingdom, or ruler instead of king. When I have listened to new amateur Christian music on youtube, sometimes I have written to the artists to suggest word changes that would remove sexist language from their worship music. I subscribed to your stuff on the chance that I would correspond with artists about their lyrics — I am very good with words and sometimes can make helpful suggestions. I have not done this yet, but I am still interested in your site and possibly doing it in the future, and in the meantime I appreciate the opportunity to be part of a community of persons interested in new Christian songs. I applaud your work and thank you very much. You have shown a high degree of professionalism with all your email communication, and you did a good job with this survey. Best wishes, Vincent Evangelisti, Philadelphia, PA
  • Go back to some of the email you received when you solicited “me”, others — and acknowledge that directly. When I see “this”, I just don’t get it at all. If you are going to “run” a songwriting “club”, run it. Run means what? Provide a place to post files? Don’t need another one of those. Mentor, teach, feedback, share, engage. What you just wanted it to run itself and say you did it? Doesn’t work that way. Save it while it’s there to save. a) Assignment b) post c) proactive, Referenced feedback — “teaching” d) simple — guitar, voice into mic *NO Praise & Worship productions, self-promotions, again, —-song writing. –Song writing. You had about two guys there doing just that. The rest? Not sure what’s going on. As well, make it non-public. E.g., many other “open” groups you have to log-in to View the text. I have another life I don’t want Indexed with any other “ID” mapped to it. (I think one is “Creative Strings” by Christian Howe, –you apply, he allows entry, and you log in to follow, no self promotion. Pertains to another subject–speaking of the format. Dude, get with it.
  • Make the FB page closed. I don’t want to post unfinished music that is visible outside of the group.

One more chance for feedback

If you didn’t get an opportunity to respond to the survey, now’s your chance!  How would you answer these questions?  Do you agree with any of the responses above?  Do you have other ideas?  Leave a comment below and share what’s on your mind!


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