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songwriter-surveyLast week I shared the first 2 questions of the Survey.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.  Today I have the results from question number 3 and 4.

Question 3: What following resource would be helpful to you if provided them?

Those who took the survey were able to check any of the following:

  • Tips about songwriting
  • Help with Technology
  • How to arrange and record music
  • Help with sharing music online
  • Better ways to connect with others
  • Other (see below)

Here are the survey results unfiltered and unedited directly from the results.


Here are the write-in answers from the question:

  • copyright information… how to copyright…. a general idea and thoughts about copyrights
  • Better ways to get your songs out there for aspiring singers to sing or record companies to hear the song.
  • these would all be helpful
  • I do enjoy your instructional videos you’ve done for some Christian covers. Very well done. Very helpful. Thanks
  • Help with getting artists to buy and purchase my songs.
  • I believe God gives me these songs (sermons in songs) for the sole purpose of reaching lost souls and teaching and encouraging Christians, and i believe God wants other artists to do my songs So they get out there to Glorify God
  • Also more information in written form because i have limited internet service, cspire and watching video’s uses up my gigabytes pretty fast.
  • I can do reasonable well with the lyrics I need more help with the melody and arrangement.
  • Advice on the best formula for writing songs that a Christian Radio Station would actually play would be good.
  • all of the above sound terrific, however I have never written a song or played guitar and they don’t closely apply to me
  • I have sent you a few thousand words in direct contact concerning this, then see it coming out from others on the sight–what are you not getting? The community needs leadership with scope and depth, and proactive, again, “leadership”. (Not getting into the definitions,–but turning folks loose to share results, and then? Then what? Or, folks promoting “here”, really *here? Why?) Do, what your initial Focuse was within it’s Scope, a group song assignment to work on, and feedback up. That means, 6 – 8 verses, on an acoustic into “Audacity”, a simple WAV/MP3. And when folks say they can view the file ADDRESS IT, don’t ignore it. You do a lot of ignoring, as is self evident. Again, –Leadership to do what you solicited folks for.
  • Make the forum closed. I don’t like people outside of the group haring songs before they are finished.

These survey results give me great direction for blog posts for the site.

Question 4: Would you pay money for a resource related to songwriting or music marketing?


Some may wonder why I asked this question. Does this mean to imply that I plan to start charging for content at My aim is to provide great resources at that enable songwriters to grow and learn how to share their music on the internet. If I were to charge money for anything, it would be for premium content, higher level coaching or something along those lines. It would be for people who are ready for more advanced learning and serious enough to invest more into their music ministry. Everything else will always be free of charge!

Next Monday, in addition to the August Song Challenge, I will be sharing the final 2 questions of the survey.  Until then…

Do you have more input on these two questions?  Leave a comment below!

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