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songwriter-surveyFirst of all I want to thank everyone who took the time to take the WriteChristianSongs Survey.  It was very informative and quite interesting to read all of your comments.  For those who weren’t able to check it out, it was a simple 6-question survey to find out more about our songwriting community.  I was very pleased to have 44 responders to the survey.

Why a survey?

I created this survey in order to find out more about our community – who you are, where you see yourself as a songwriter, your hopes, needs, pains and obstacles you all have as songwriters.

I thought you would all be interested to see the results so I will be sharing them bit by bit over the next few weeks.  I’m hoping as you read over the results you will find others who are in the same place you are.

I also hope some of you will be able to add some more input in the comments if you missed out on taking the survey.

Here are the results for the first 2 questions.  I have provided the questions, choices, screen shots and write-in answers in their entirety.  Unfiltered and unedited – directly from the website.

Question 1 – Which of the following best describe you?

  • Not a songwriter
  • Beginner Songwriter
  • Confident Songwriter
  • Accomplished Songwriter

Question 1 survey results

Question 2 – What best describes your songwriting aspirations?



On this question, survey takers were able to write in a custom answer.  Here were the written in answers:

  • I want to share my music as God allows, and bring a following to Him =)
  • I am a poet and Author
  • I am a poet and Author
  • I love writing songs as a hobby and would like to have them reviewed and maybe published by label company. Not really interested in being famous or having a following.
  • I desire to share my music and serve God in the process. Nice to have a following too, I guess.
  • I would like to share our songs with churches
  • I believe God gives me the songs to write, I don’t sit down and write at all never have, one day words and melodies started coming to me, and once i know the words i figure out the guitar to the tune and finish the song,if it doesnt come right away i just wait, and God gives the words, and even if i think a word doesnt fit I wait again, And God even changes the word, Its Amazing
  • I have written one christian song that i would like to have made into a record and played on the radio. Either sung by me or some christian artist. I would like to collaborate with other christians who play music, sing, and write songs or are already some what accomplished or heading that way.
  • I would like to grow beyond ‘no real aspirations’ to having some expectations.
  • I would like to write songs that can be used. I have 5 so far and I guess I’ ll record them and get them copywritten.
  • I am sort of in between hobby and my desire to share.
  • Don’t know just how far I will go with song writing, but I’m finding that song writing is one of many things, this being near the top of the list, that I have wanted to do for many years, now being retired from USPS, I am free to do more of what I want and not so much what I have to do for a living.
  • I enjoy engaging sincere songwriting contexts — there’s PLENTY of all the rest; another on is not needed.
  • I want my music to glorify God and reach others for the glory of God.
  • Touch people
  • I would like to wrote songs that are the hearts cry of my faith community to the Lord,and His hearts cry back. If people connect with The Lord then that is all tat matters

Perhaps your desires for songwriting resonate with some of the above comments.  I love this.  I love to hear how much focused desire and unfocused desire is in our hearts.

Do you have more input on these two questions?  Leave a comment below!

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