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Week 3 – WCS Songwriting Club

  1. Write the song
  2. Record yourself performing it and upload to YouTube (*see note below)
  3. Share at
  4. Watch and comment on other videos

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About Ben Chilcote

Ben Chilcote is a husband, dad, full-time minister and online singer/songwriter. He is a lifelong student of music and the founder of
  • Jonathan Peter Chambers

    More phrases that could be an assignment phrase:
    The Son is Shinning
    Smile through your soul
    Let it be better
    Long live love
    Some others want you
    Don’t be afraid
    Rejoice in living free
    Happy in my spirit
    Beautiful peace to give
    Not so much love
    People love more with love
    If you knew the son you know love
    Deeply in love with
    So much to give
    Live life in loud love
    Something you should know
    More than even enough
    Above all powers
    A better light of day
    Free thinking thoughts
    Light of breath I breathe
    Holding closer than love
    Listen more than your anger
    Talk to the mountain
    Be free, be loving, be blessed
    I am all out for
    Touch eternity, bring out love
    Draw close to the maker
    Go beyond the mile in my shoes
    Live in the eternal moment
    Taste the goodness in Godliness
    Believe beyond your doubts
    Look to the light
    Live out of the spirit
    Be soaked in love
    Dress in humble freedom
    Mistakes are for learning
    Work out of love in faith
    Be love, to give
    Walk out faith
    Full of mercy
    Grace to all
    Peace in His presence
    Get through all the….
    Be higher than dieing
    All I want is you today
    Fiest on Loves grace
    Arms of love hold you
    Under the peace
    I was led by peace
    Times are not there yet
    Patient to call love
    Living in eternity now
    Forgive and be free
    Forgiven and not offended
    Free and mended

    • Ben Chilcote

      Woah! We’re set for the year!! Ha ha… Thanks – I think we’ll have some good options here. Thanks, Jonathan!

      • Jonathan

        Hi Ben,
        I had a flow of phrases come to me. God was telling me to just write and let them come out. I am eagerly waiting for the 4th weeks wcs challenge…saying that I am happy to keep writing songs about other things. Thnaks for putting the effort to get this up and running, your webpage has blessed many people.

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