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WCS Songwriting Club to Re-Launch

In January, a few hundred people from all over the world crowded into a small Facebook group and watched as a handful of songwriters wrote some songs.  It was the birth of the WCS Songwriting Club.  It was a good start and went strong for a few months.  Then Facebook introduced the new Timeline format and threw us all for a loop.  People were confused.  Life got busy. Things slowed down.

Now, after a few months off, I am excited to announce the WCS Songwriting Club will be relaunching.

Join us in August as we kick-off (again) the WCS Songwriting Club!  Join the mailing list to make sure you don’t miss some of the changes to the club and to find out all the details.

About Ben Chilcote

Ben Chilcote is a husband, dad, full-time minister and online singer/songwriter. He is a lifelong student of music and the founder of

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