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Songwriting Club to change locations!

website updatesA little more than a year and a half ago, went live.  I launched the site and the WCS Songwriting Club with no idea where it might go.  I would have never imagined the community that has since emerged!

Over the past few weeks I have shared with you the Survey Results from the community.  You can go back and read the posts if you missed them.  The feedback has been very insightful.

I’m sure many have wondered why I put the survey out.

I have decided to take your feedback into consideration and re-launch

What exactly does that mean?  You will have to wait and see! Next week I will be sharing the details with you in full.

(Are you on the mailing list?!)

I have decided to share with you this week one bit of news regarding the re-launch.

Songwriting Club Reloaded

After reviewing the feedback and doing some research, I have decided to make changes to the WCS Songwriting Club.  I believe these changes will bring a number of needed improvements.  I have enjoyed watching our community of songwriters grow and change over the past number of months.  I think it’s time for a few much-needed tweaks.

New Location

The biggest change for the Songwriting Club is that it will be leaving the WriteChristianSongs Facebook Page.  It won’t be leaving Facebook, however.  It will be moving to a closed Facebook Group.  I believe this is the best solution to offer more privacy and maintain great organization as we comment on each other’s songs.  Closed means it will require people to ask to join and will require an administrator to approve.  Anyone will still be welcome to join but posts will only be visible to people in the group.

I did research forums for the site but couldn’t find one that supported the songwriting club format as well as Facebook.  I’ve only had a handful of people who either “aren’t on Facebook”, “don’t do Facebook” or “will never do Facebook”.  I’m willing to lose a few in order to have a great platform for  the rest of us.

One of the best benefits of a Facebook Group is that it does NOT use the timeline format.  We’ll be back to the normal news feed that we were used to back before Facebook changed everything.

New Rules for the WCS Songwriting Club!

In addition to the new location, the WCS Songwriting Club will tidy up a bit on what is allowed to be posted in the group.  In order to de-clutter and give more focus, members will be ONLY allowed to share songs related to the monthly Song Challenge.  I’m hoping this will encourage more engagement, better feedback, and simply cut down on the noise.

The challenges will still be monthly (coming out on the 1st Monday of every month) and will vary in the nature of the challenge month to month.

What about the WCS Facebook Page?

The WCS Facebook page will remain intact for general discussion and as a “public community forum” for posting songs, sharing, conversing, networking, etc.  It will remain for the greater community while allowing those in the club to focus on the song challenges.

There is still the possibility of a forum down the road.  But for now, most people are already on Facebook so we won’t reinvent the wheel.  At least for now.

Participation in the Club

Participation in the WCS Songwriting Club will remain as it is now.  Anyone and everyone will be allowed to join as long as they stick to the community guidelines, which will be posted and enforced by the community.  Not everyone in the group will be expected to submit a song every month.  However, everyone will be encouraged to offer feedback to those who have put forth the effort to write and share a song.

Stay Tuned for Details!

Anyone wishing to continue in the WCS Songwriting Club will be required to join the new group.  This group will open sometime later this month – hopefully in the next week and ahalf.  I’d like everyone to be able to get in and familiar with the space before the September Song Challenge rolls around.  We will plan to have the September Song Challenge in the NEW space!

As I’ve been saying the past few weeks, make sure you are on the mailing list to ensure you don’t miss any of these details – especially next week’s news!

I’d love to hear what you think about the songwriting club changes.  Leave a comment below and stay tuned for next week’s update!!

Stay tuned…

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