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Motivation for Making Music

All across the world there are Christians who have the opportunity to use their God-given skills to make a difference in other’s lives. Songs are powerful tools for encouragement, therapy, and emotional expression and you hold that very power in your head, heart, and hands!

There are tons of free resources online for songwriters. And for Christians with money to spare there are books, conferences and retreats. But there’s not a lot of quality, free, content out there for you. That’s one reason I’ve developed

One thing that sets a Christian songwriter apart from a songwriter who has not entrusted their lives to Jesus is MOTIVATION.

A Good Question

In general, as a Christian, I think a good question to always ask is simply, “Why am I doing this?” When setting out in life to do something, I think we need to consider our motivation. Let’s be honest. Our culture is an extremely influential force and we humans are impressionable. There is a part of us that gets excited about the idea of fame or fortune. But we must be cautious here. I remember being a teenage guitar player and finding myself in a living room with a few other guys, working to get a band going. It wasn’t long into our first rehearsal that we were discussing albums and recordings and band names. Guess what? We only had a few more rehearsals before the whole thing fizzled out.

Here’s the point.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to pursue monetary profit or notoriety for your songs – there are a lot of positives to those things if approached the right way. But I am saying that our motivation greatly affects every aspect of songwriting and may ultimately decide whether or not we feel successful in the end. My advice here is to pray about it and decide here and now whether or not you want to include God in your songwriting journey.

Decide your “Why”

I’ll leave you with this. Do some soul searching. Think about what is driving you to be a songwriter. If it is for personal gain, just consider if God is on board with that (I can’t tell you what God thinks about your personal pursuit – that’s for you to figure out!) Who’s to say God didn’t design you to become a vocational songwriter?  If you are not a Christian, you can’t be expected to adhere to this advice, although much of what I said still applies.  In general, I believe living for the benefit of others will produce a much more fruitful life than living for ourselves.

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Ben Chilcote is a husband, dad, full-time minister and online singer/songwriter. He is a lifelong student of music and the founder of

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