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How I write a Song

For about a month, I participated in a songwriting group on Facebook. The organizer gave us a phrase each week and we were to both use the phrase as the title of the song and we were to use it as one of the lyrics. We had one week to write the song, record ourselves performing it, and upload it to Facebook. For one of the assignments, I thought I’d document my process. I didn’t know what the title was going to be and it turned out to be quite an interesting phrase “Dogfights on the moon”.

In this video you will watch me in real time see the assignment for the first time and take a stab at getting it going. It will give you insight to how start writing a song from scratch.

The next video was the video I shared in the songwriting group. Keep in mind we had a week so there was a point I had to call it finished. It ended up being in a style a little different than I usually do.

About Ben Chilcote

Ben Chilcote is a husband, dad, full-time minister and online singer/songwriter. He is a lifelong student of music and the founder of
  • Maggie

    Great site .Great video.Keep up the good work.

  • Olivia

    Aloha, friend… I really appreciate you posting this video… It is so fascinating to see how other people go about the business of songwriting… It doesn’t come easily for me at all…. So, I love that you posted something so personal. I am certainly feeling inspired now to go sit down and give it another shot! Thanks again & God bless you!!! 🙂 – Olivia –

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