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WCS Songwriting Club

The WCS (Write Christian Songs) Songwriting Club is the premier online Christian songwriting club on the internet. There are participants from all over the world sharing original music and offering comments on other’s original songs.

The WCSSC takes place in a closed group on Facebook and can be found at

How to Join


The WCS Songwriting Club is a closed Facebook group.  Anyone can join, but posts are only visible to people in the group.

It’s simple to join the club, simply go to and click “join group” at the upper right on the page.  This will send the administrator your request to join.  As soon as you are approved (should be within a day or two), you’re in!

How the WCS Songwriting Club Works

The WCS Songwriting Club is simply a space to share your original Christian songs for feedback.  The club is filled with aspiring Christian songwriters of all persuasions, styles, and skill levels.  Community guidelines are posted at the top of the group.

How do I post audio or video?

To post video, you can use Facebook’s video feature and record on your webcam, or you can set up a free YouTube or Vimeo channel, upload your videos to those services and then share the link on the Club wall. For audio, 2 easy-to-use and free services are and

What if I don’t use Facebook?

I encourage anyone without a Facebook account to not let it be a barrier to joining our community.  Facebook is free and easy to set up.  Setting up a Facebook account to participate in the WCS Songwriting Club does not require that you use Facebook outside of the songwriting club.

What if I don’t consider myself a Christian – Can I still join in?

This club was created for songwriters who are Christian and write from a Biblical world-view – but it is not an exclusive club – all are welcome!  We ask everyone to be respectful and considerate of everyone else.

What happened to the Songwriting Challenges?

The official monthly songwriting challenges were retired when the site owner (Ben) became too busy to manage it.  This does not prevent or exclude member-driven song challenges.  Want to head up a weekly or monthly challenge?  Go for it!  Have everyone write a song on a specific topic, or using a specific title or lyrical phrase.  Use your imagination!

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